100+ Guitar Quotes & Captions For Instagram [ 2021 ]

Guitar Quotes & Captions: - Welcome to my website www.thequotessky.com Here is the collection of  Guitar Quotes & Captions. Everyone in this world knows that the guitar is a Musical instrument. And everyone loves to tune it, because, without guitar music, you can sing a song. Every singer when they sing a song, then they use the guitar. If you are a guitarist and you play a song with your guitar playing this article is very helpful and important for you. Sometimes someone playing guitar and then hi or her mind says that, take a picture of your guitar with you and upload that picture on your Instagram and any other social media apps for showing off how much you can play the guitar. And you are gone for it. But you are forgetting about the topic of  Guitar Quotes & Captions, which can help you to more attractive your guitar pictures. So must attach Guitar Captions or Guitar Quotes with your guitar pictures, that can help you to show off your guitarist knowledge. If you can't choose captions or quotes for your guitar pictures, then you can check out our collections of  Guitar Quotes & Captions. I hope that is very helpful and important for you. 

Guitar Captions About Life

  • I just play rhythm guitar.

  • Thought you might wanna see a dick pick.

  • Don’t stop now.

  • This selfie has its own melody.

  • What do you know about love?

  • I’ve got holes in my guitar.

  • This machine kills fascists.

  • I bend, but I don’t break.

  • The guitar is a miniature orchestra in itself.

  • Friends keep me going.

  • Bass is for people who can’t play guitar.

  • If it was easy everyone would do it.

  • The guitar is a miniature orchestra in itself.

  • Relax. Be yourself. Play a lot.

  • You make my heart skip a beat.

  • It’s all about time, you will do it.

  • The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you.

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100+ Guitar Quotes & Captions For Instagram [ 2021 ]

  • Guitars are kind of just, you know, sexy, especially old vintage ones.

  • I liked guitar videos way before they were on Instagram.

  • Keep working in silence.

  • Always traveling, and always with my guitar.

  • Build your own version of success.

  • Every guitar I own gets used and has its purpose.

  • Go somewhere you’ve never played at before.

  • Music shouldn't be just a tune, it should be a touch.

  • The guitar is a miniature orchestra in itself.

  • Nobody can’t stop me.

  • I haven’t played everywhere, but it’s on my list.

  • I need a six-month holiday to just play guitar, twice a year.

  • We didn't have any instruments, so I had to use my guitar.

  • The guitar is a wonderful instrument that is understood by few.

  • If I was funny, I would have a good Instagram caption.

  • Not giving up is my only path.

  • The guitar is featured in a lot of popular music on the radio, on TV, and in films.

  • You couldn’t not like someone who liked the guitar.

  • Nice! But can you play Wonderwall, though?

  • There is no limit.

  • I’ve been imitated so well I’ve heard people copy my mistakes.

  • The past, present, and future walk into a bar. It was tense.

Captions On Guitar Pick

  • People sing songs at religious services, at school, and at celebrations.

  • Technically, I’m not a guitar player, all I play is truth and emotion.

  • Blues is easy to play, but hard to feel.

  • One does not simply own enough guitars.

  • Thoughts become melodies.

  • The guitar has a kind of grit and excitement possessed by nothing else.

  • A selfie is worth a thousand songs.

  • Playing the guitar isn't as easy as it looks.

  • Anyone who used more than three chords is just showing off.

  • Born to stand out with selfies with my guitar.

  • The guitar is a meditative tool to find love within yourself.

  • What you bring to your playing is the sum of what you are.

  • You don’t find a style… a style finds you.

  • But first, let me grab my guitar and take a selfie.

  • Selfie time with my guitar.

  • Are there going to be guitars there?

  • Nothing is more beautiful than a guitar. Except, possibly two.

  • Confidence Level: Selfie with my guitar.

  • None of it mattered, because there was music.

  • You’re not born with certain skills, you have to acquire them.

  • Look at me taking selfies and stuff.

  • Guitarists always start in the bedroom.

  • The more you play music, the better you’ll get.

  • My favorite part about this selfie is the invisible guitar.

  • You couldn't not like someone who liked the guitar.

  • True love is that thing you’ll never have to chase, I never chase my guitar.

  • Garlic is to my food what bass guitar is to music.

I Love My Guitar Quotes

  • "When I'm having a bad day, I pick up my guitar." - Michelle Branch

  • "I did buy an electric guitar while shooting Split." - Anya Taylor-Joy

  • "I'm only myself when I have a guitar in my hands." - George Harrison

  • "I like to be quiet and play guitar and just chill." - Post Malone

  • "I just go where the guitar takes me." - Angus Young

  • "Where words fail, music speaks." - Hans Christian Andersen

  • "The guitar was my weapon, my shield to hide behind." - Brian May

  • "Sometimes, you just know... the pretty amazing feeling isn't it?" - Unknown

  • "My guitar is not a thing. It is an extension of myself. It is who I am." - Joan Jett

  • "If you play acoustic guitar you're the depressed, sensitive guy." - Elliott Smith

  • "Someone told me the smile on my face gets bigger when I play the guitar." - Niall Horan

  • "I wanted to connect my guitar to human emotions." -  B. B. King

  • "If we replaced guns with guitars, then the world would be a concert." - Thomas Ian Nicholas

  • "Sometimes the nicest thing to do with a guitar just looks at it." - Thom Yorke

  • "Flannel shirts, denim, Converse, a guitar, messy hair? That's literally me." - Alessia Cara

  • "The violin is my mistress, but the guitar is my master." - Niccolo Paganini

  • "I play the guitar and the piano and have a group of guys who I play with. They're uber-talented." - Ryan Eggold

Romantic Guitar Quotes

  • "When I have downtime, music is a big part of my life. Not so much singing, but I play the guitar." - KJ Apa

  • "A guitar is more than just a sound box... it is part of your soul." - Manuel Velazquez

  • "I want every girl in the world to pick up a guitar and start screaming." - Courtney Love

  • "Technically, I'm not a guitar player, all I play is truth and emotion." - Jimi Hendrix

  • "Enthusiasm is everything. It must be taut and vibrating like a guitar string." - Pele

  • "Your talent is a gift. It's like getting a guitar for Christmas; you gotta practice to be the most out of it." - Unknown

  • "I play guitar and sing when I'm not busy with school and acting." - Kaitlyn Dever

  • "Surf music is actually just the sound of the waves played on a guitar: that wet, splashy sound." - Dick Dale

  • "From the strings of my guitar, that seeks only your love, a voice comes forth, that speaks of kisses, lost on your lips, my heart sings with newfound happiness, at the dawning of this new love." - Marcel Camus

  • "Guitar playing isn't really for everybody." - Brad Paisley

  • "The guitar is a small orchestra. It is polyphonic. Every string is a different color, a different voice." - Andres Segovia

  • "It takes a big man to play a little guitar." - Brian Gunn

  • "The guitar's not all that expensive either when you compare it to gettin' a tooth pulled or something." - Merle Haggard

  • "Jeff is the guy who took the instrument of the guitar into the furthest reaches of guitar universe and nobody ever - nobody even comes close." - Matthew Longfellow

  • "Guitar is the best form of self-expression I know. Everything else, and I'm just sort of tripping around, trying to figure my way through life." - Slash

  • "The heavy guitars are the ones that sound good. They are not that comfortable, but they do sound great." - Neal Schon

  • "Soon as I could play one guitar chord and laid my ear upon that wood, I was gone. My soul was sold. Music was everything from then on." - John Prine

  • "You know what has one strap? Machine guns. You know what else? Electric guitars." - Jackie Filgo

  • "The guitar is a much more efficient machine than a computer. More responsive." - Colin Greenwood

  • "I've always wanted to smash a guitar over someone's head. You just can't do that with a piano." - Elton John

  • "Owning a handgun doesn't make you armed any more than owning a guitar makes you a musician." - Jeff Cooper

  • "I would like for us to have dinner, one of these nights. Candlelight." - Abe Burrows

  • "Sometimes you want to give up the guitar, you'll hate the guitar. But if you stick with it, you're gonna be rewarded." - Jimi Hendrix

  • "Clapton reinvented the electric guitar? Clapton plugs in a guitar, he plugs in an electric guitar and he plays it like an acoustic guitar." - Gilbert Adair

  • "As far as guitar picking, if I make the same mistakes at the same time every day, people will start calling it a style." - John Prine

  • "Everybody finds learning guitar hard at first. Nothing worth having in life is meant to come easy. So get on it. Get stuck in. You can do it." - Unknown

  • "Maybe if musicians got off their blogs and picked up their guitars, the music business would be in better shape." - Josh Schwartz

  • "The guitar is the coolest instrument in the world." - Steve Vai

  • "My life has been a roller coaster ride, but somehow I've always been able to land on my feet and still play the guitar." -  Ace Frehley

  • "I'm a lady from the valley / Coming out to check a band / See I'm crazy into rock and roll / I got to have a guitar man." - Bob Esty

Learning Guitar Quotes

  • "A guitar riff played on a piano doesn't come close to the purity of it being played on a guitar but I faked it enough to get by." - Barry Mann

  • "Shameless confession - you know you're the coolest dude in the room if you play guitar." - Oh yeah baby.

  • "Unless the guitar works as a color, then I don't use it, so I haven't been playing guitar too much lately." - Trevor Rabin

  • "99% of people who come out on stage with a guitar can't play the guitar. You just demonstrated what that thing was actually intended for." - Simon Cowell

  • "I remember I took a music course in junior year of high school, and some girl brought in 'Teardrops On My Guitar,' and she was like, 'Isn't this song great?' And everyone was like, 'Who's Taylor Swift?' And now, every time I listen to Taylor Swift, I remember that moment." - Mitski

  • "With a guitar, I would be able to express the things I felt in sounds." - William Christopher Handy

  • "James Ralston, my guitar player, has performed with Tina Turner for about 22 years. Jim Hanson on bass has played with Johnny Cash, Rodney Crowell, and Bruce Springsteen, and they're fantastic musicians and amazing singers they get a really cool vocal sound together." - Vonda Shepard

  • "Guitar is something you kind of embrace, and the piano is something you kind of when you play it, you sort of push it away. It feels very different." - Nick Cave

  • "Guitar was my weapon, my shield to hide behind." - Brian May

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100+ Guitar Quotes & Captions For Instagram [ 2021 ]

  • "Sometimes the nicest thing to do with a guitar just looks at it." - Thom Yorke

  • "My sister and I - she's a musician - we jam all the time. We always play around for giggles with stuff that seem unconventional or stuff that seems funny. A lot of the stuff sometimes is just a response from jam sessions in her room, so she'll be on the guitar or the keyboard, and we'll just start singing and doing stuff." - Andra Day

  • "Learn as much as you can, work on those core techniques, and tomorrow you could be writing your own Purple Haze." - Unknown

  • "The guitar is a meditative tool to touch God and find love within yourself." - Pepe Romero

  • "I guess I was a child actor. The acting was one of the things I did alongside going to school: I'd be playing guitar, I'd be playing soccer, and I would be acting in movies." - Michiel Huisman

  • "That point when all your learned skills and knowledge on the guitar enable you to start creating your own music is an epic life-changing moment my friend." - Unknown

  • "Play like nobody is listening. Go wild. This guitar-playing thing is unbelievable fun in epic proportions if you let it be." - Unknown

  • "Go with the flow, and let your creative juices flood out. Sounds messy. But oh so much fun." - Unknown

  • "From the strings of my guitar, that seeks only your love, a voice comes forth, that speaks of kisses, lost on your lips, my heart sings with newfound happiness, at the dawning of this new love." - Marcel Camus

  • "The only way to get truly amazing on guitar is to learn other people's styles and songs. Period. Don't be afraid to explore your own style in time." - Unknown

  • "Don't feel like talking socially at times? Need some 'me time' now and then? Your perfect friend is ready and waiting to be taken into your hands, and she's got 6 shiny strings." - Unknown

  • "What really changed it to reggae was the riff, actual with the guitar. It was just basically a rhythm change, in terms of what the guitar, the guitar used to play like: chuck, chuck, chuck. And then it started playing: chuck-up, chuck-up, chuck-up, chuck-up Kevin Macdonald"Modest Mr. Richards teaches us you should always strive to improve and progress on your guitar. Never stand still, dedicate yourself to a life of continual learning. That's how guitar greats are made." - Unknown

  • "It's a running theme isn't it this one? Always remember to enjoy and love playing the guitar. Get the right guidance and tuition, and you'll achieve this vital state." - Unknown

  • "Think of the smile you have the power to put on somebody's face with your playing. Remember how strong the power of music is." - Unknown 

  • "Find your passion for playing, and practice will never again be a chore, but an adventure." - Unknown

  • "Who says you need to read music to totally crush it at playing the guitar? Not Stevie Ray for one. You have no limitations. Use your ears, follow a structured practice routine. Now you'll become a great guitar player." - Unknown

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